Amal Hussain : The Face of Starvation Died in a Refugee Camp in Yemen.

Amal Hussain Yemen
Amal Hussain : The Face of Starvation Died in a Refugee Camp in Yemen.

The news of a seven year old girl’s death from Yemen due to starvation has come as a deep shock to the entire humanity. We are a world with lot of facilities including food, technology, and above all a United Nations to monitor all these. In spite of all these the girl named Amal Hussain died in a refugee camp in Yemen.

She is one among the 18 lakh civil war affected malnourished children in Yemen.  But then we couldn’t stop the death of this girl from the crisis stricken Yemen and that too with acute malnutrition. We always lament and complain about the minor shortcomings in our life. But have we ever sat down for five minutes to think  about the problems of the world we live in. A lot of children suffer due to hunger and we always wonder why we are unable to help these children.

The photo of this girl was taken by Tyler Hicks, the Pulitzer award winning photo journalist. Even before the world could react to this pathetic scene she passed away leaving the entire world with a feeling of lifetime guilt. At least we should be able to rescue the remaining hungry children in the crisis affected areas. The entire nations and the United Nation should join hands to do the needful to rescue these children who are born to this world with a right to a dignified life. And it’s the duty of the entire world to take care of these ill fated children.

We should be ashamed of the fact that we live in a century where development is happening in a fast pace and still children die of starvation. We should now open our eyes towards these children and the entire developed and rich nations should unite to eradicate poverty and hunger from this world. And pledge that the world will be a better place for the children to live.


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