Memories in time


If only these walls could speak,
They seem to not want me to leave.
The stories they unveil trapped in the hidden corners of my mind,
are captured smiles faded in time
The pictures stare back at me set against blue skies and dark nights.
What was I thinking then when life was so easy and so fine.
Friends and family stand frozen in a moment,
Forgotten for a while, and then remembered with a rueful smile.
The scars on my knees and elbows reveal the secrets of our adventures untold,
For pleasure always followed the pain.
I wanted to be an astronomer, a writer and sometimes an actor,
Dreaming of my name in lights and my feet on stage,
those were just childish dreams,
should I say my years in school made me a dreamer?
Suddenly for no reason I look at these pictures today,
Felt like the sun peering through on a cloudy day.
Memories of then, of so long ago,
Lies scrambled inside my head,
I look in the mirror and search for that child,
I know he is there somewhere, I know he is not dead.


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