Onam version 2.0


Onam version 2.0
All the minds are tuned to a nostalgic mood to welcome Onam. Festivals always evoke wistful and nostalgic memories in us. But every passing year reminds us of the loss of innocence and charm attached to Onam.
As ‘no time’ becomes the buzzword of Malayalis, we indirectly convey that Our traditional festivals have become just ceremonial or perfunctory affairs.
In a consumer State, festivals are only an opportunity for big firms or brands to make a killing. An average Malayali thinks that these are occasions to get some bucks for splurge– see the serpentine queues in beverage outlets and the rush in shops.
Pookkalam, a staple Onam celebration, has been downgraded to a pageant show by some clubs. Blame it on for lack of flowers here, but it’s only a lame reason. Why can’t we grow flowers in our courtyards?
With the mushrooming of specialty eateries, our traditional Onasadya also has become a commodity. For a Keralite, it’s a shame that we have transformed to a bunch of people who make a beeline to eateries for purchasing Onasadya. Some restaurants offer non-veg Onasadya. Such business practices will sully the sanctity of Onam.
The new generation is unaware of other traditions like sway and Onakkalikal. Wherever we go or whatever heights we achieve, we have to keep the holiness and rituals of our traditional festivals. Let’s not create new version of Onam. It’s sacrilege!


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