Drive with a vengeance!


Driving is a passion for a few and a fashion for many. While those drive with passion enjoy every moment of it, there are people who flaunt their driving in an annoying way.
The usual saying is “if you are familiar with driving on Indian roads (read as ‘Kerala’), you can drive anywhere in the world.” Though exaggerated, it’s true to an extent. Our violations on roads start with the manner of our parking habits. There is no consideration for other vehicles. Even in Kochi, one can see vehicles being parked under “No Parking” sign.
Most people deem cautious driving a disqualification as speed and athleticism become the hallmarks of modern age. If you slow your vehicle to facilitate pedestrians for crossing or other vehicles for passing, blarring hornes from other vehicles will disturb you. And frowning faces will turn on you as if you are a misfit here. Lack of patience and urge to show off one’s speed are common scenes on our roads.
To where they head to? Why this mad rush? Interestingly, we are obedient drivers while driving abroad and when we drive on Indian roads, there is a U-turn of our habits.
Needless to say, overtaking from both sides and reckless entry from side roads are horrible.
After all, all the commotions give the feeling that our roads are epitomes of intolerance.


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