Philippines Couple Waded Through Flooded River to Get Married

Philippines couple walking through a flooded river
Philippines couple walking through a flooded river

Determined to get married. The story of Philippines couple will make you laugh as they were seen walking through a flooded river on their way to church to get married. Dressed in all their wedding finery, they held up their clothes but marched forward, undeterred by the gushing water.

Philippines couple
walking through a flooded river

According to local newspaper Philippine Star, Ronil Guillipa and Jeziel Masuela, dressed in a wedding gown and suit, waded through floods to make it to their wedding ceremony. The couple was accompanied by friends and relatives who also braved the stormy weather to be by their side and witness the wedding. 

The couple and their Family

The unusual wedding march took place on October 23 as the couple and their family made their way to the Filipina Independiente Church in the province of Negros Oriental, reports CNN. They had to cross the Luyang River, which was flooded at that time due to heavy rains.

Josephine Bohol Sabanal, a member of the wedding party, shared photographs of the bride holding up her wedding gown while wading through floodwater. The groom also rolled up his trousers as he walked beside her. 

Atleast the courage shown by the couple should be appreciated.


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