R.I.P Dr.John ,the Music World will Miss You.


Dr. John, a six-time Grammy award winner and the most venerated pianists in New Orleans city died at the age of 77. The New Orleans native, born Malcolm John Rebennack into a family of amateur musicians, including an aunt who taught him to play piano, died due to a heart attack, his family announced on his official Twitter account.
Dr. John was an avid radio listener and became too involved in music from his young age. Seeing his passion for music , his father, who sold records in his appliance store, sometimes took his son along to nightclubs when he worked on their sound systems.
After working as a studio musician for everyone from Sonny and Cher to the Monkees, Dr. John recorded his first album, “Gris-Gris,” in 1968 with the help of several New Orleans natives.
The record, named for a protective amulet worn in voodoo culture, was inspired by the city’s music with his own twists, making it moody and mysterious with a tinge of psychedelia. It was not a big seller but found a cult audience among rock fans.
In 1972 his “Dr. John’s Gumbo” album featured more traditional New Orleans songs, such as “Iko Iko,” “Junko Partner,” “Blow Wind Blow,” “Big Chief” and “Let the Good Times Roll.”. R.I.P Dr John. The music world will miss you badly.


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