Uber Plans Uber Copter in New York City from Next Month


Uber Technologies is planning a helicopter service in New York City, according to documents outlining the program obtained by Bloomberg.
Passengers will be able to use the Uber app to book a flight through the service, called Uber Copter, the documents show. Tests flights took off from a Manhattan heliport near Wall Street to John F. Kennedy International Airport.
The New York Times published a story about the program. It says customers will be able to book flights starting July 9 in New York City and that the average ride will cost $200 to $225 (roughly Rs. 13,800 to Rs. 15,600) a person. Eric Allison, the head of Uber’s flight business, told the Times that the company plans to eventually offer helicopter rides in other cities.
When Uber Copter arrives next month, it will only be available to members of the company’s loyalty program who qualify for the top two tiers, Platinum and Diamond, said a person familiar with the plans. The rides can be booked on demand or up to five days ahead of time, said the person, who asked not to be identified. Each helicopter can accommodate five passengers, and like Uber car rides, prices will fluctuate based on demand and other factors.
The documents on Uber’s test flights show it shuttled two groups of riders on April 11. The rides, from Manhattan to JFK and back, took five passengers each way. The documents list the names of Uber employees on the manifest. According to the documents, passengers are to be greeted with, “Hello, welcome to Uber Copter.”
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