Reality Bites


Onam is round the corner and the spirit of the festive season is high in the air. It’s believed that during the reign of Mahabali the people were all enjoying financial and social security in every aspect. Now the situation is different and the ordinary class is made to bear the wrong doings and atrocities prevalent in our society. As a matter of fact we are heading towards a morally and socially deteriorating culture and we are forced to imitate the hypocrisy and extravagant lifestyle which draws a huge line between the haves and have -nots. Every day we debate and talk about road safety, women empowerment, farmer’s problems, etc .But are we taking any initiative or are we sticking to our hollow talks? Apart from all these the stray dog and cattle menace is creating a havoc in the city with the population of these animals increasing day by day and the authorities are left to wander indecisively to curb this problem. On the one hand the so called animal lovers who want to project this dog issue as something above the lives of humans and on the other hand it has become the order of the day to adorn themselves with the designation of animal lovers. If the animal lovers genuinely care about them they should come forward with more actions instead of arguments to protect them from the cruelty happening against these animals. The issue is how to bell the cat? Dog bites, and related deaths of old, young and small children have alarmingly increased in the previous months. Kerala is labeled in the national level as a land of extreme cruelty towards animals . In a city like Kochi with a metropolitan status, dogs and cattle loiter around in the broad day light causing a threat to the lives of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. To put an end to this menace various measures are to be adopted at different levels. From the root level waste management is a task to be adopted by the local civic bodies to control the dogs and cattle from straying Throwing and dumping waste in public should be checked and the culprits should be booked .Most of these animals wander around for food and if we keep our premises and streets free from food waste half of this issue can be solved. Feeding them under a shelter ,encouraging adoption of stray animals and trying a policy of methodical sterilization can be some solutions instead of debating upon this issue.
We wish our readers happiness and prosperity on the occasion of Onam


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