Onam message


Dr. T.M. Thomas Isaac, Hon. Finance Minister of Kerala

Everyone recollects Onam as a festival of nostalgic past .But I would like to see it always as a festival of the present. A festival which throws light of hope and promises. This statement is apt in both ways. From the glorious past perception and current administrative level and as the Finance Minister of Kerala I could connect both . I have many dreams for the people of Kerala . Dreams which give prosperity and peace for all .The people of our state should not be deprived of the basic needs such as food, shelter, education or medicine. They would be equipped to earn their income and to live with prosperity . Every government functions with some well crafted vision . We too have a well – knitted plan and it ‘s being shaped up as our priority. One thing I would like to reiterate that we stand for people’s well being and I think Onam has been giving out this eternal message all through.

Dr. T.M. Thomas Isaac, Hon. Finance Minister of Kerala
Dr. T.M. Thomas Isaac, Hon. Finance Minister of Kerala
The next five years Kerala will enter into another phase of comprehensive growth. When I say growth it is not the developmental process triggered on and the concept of infrastructural enhancement which every state should anyway base on. We need tremendous effort towards sustainable life. The consistency of quality life lacks – it is a reality. To make it happen there is no magic formula. Plan, develop and execute concepts which is ultimately beneficial for the people . All these have to be met on global pattern since the pace of life and paucity of resources have universal connotations. We can stylize nothing upon regionalized lines currently and at the same time we cannot omit the indigenousness as well.

The Government stride as a team. If there is envisioned actions and emancipated will people will surely experience quality and equality. In other words everyone would feel life happens socially. In my personal opinion prosperity matters both in private and public. As a minister I have to be put it like that since I work for a multi layered form of development. I see awakening in all the strata of society. People are more informed and firm. The new generation is capable of thinking what they want and they work towards it. Now we need to give them immense support and possibilities. New avenues are opening everywhere. So wish each and every one of you to pursue your dreams. With all the support and care here is a Government which feels and identifies the aspirations of people.

I wish each and everyone all the very best on this festive occasion and let prosperity and happiness prevail everywhere.


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