Sabu.M.Jacob- A true visionary


“Great works are done not by strength but by perseverance”. Sabu.M.Jacob, the Managing Director of Kitex Garments Ltd is a great example of   a man with  a humble beginning and reached the helm with his good deeds and perseverance. Friday Mania tried to unfold his  success story in detail and he opened up his saga in his usual dignified and composed style.

md_1Sabu.M. Jacob is a man of ideas and he is keen to implement it in his unique style. His office ambience itself proves that he has a novel way of doing things with a touch of sophistication. He narrated his story about the  beginning of his career  at the age of thirteen with a very humble start. Again after two years he was given construction work and later Sabu was put up in the looms and installed around 200 machines for the factory .During that time his late father M.C Jacob  started the first company Anna Aluminium which was a huge success those days. With his expertise in business Sabu. M. Jacob  decided to set up a textile factory on his own  and initiated the process of construction of Kitex Garments in 1993 and could set up this factory in 1995. He mostly targeted dresses in the category of infant to 24 months aiming U.S market. Now 95% of his products are sold in the U.S .Market and the rest 5% in the European market.  The company possesses the entire knowhow and technology for fabric weaving, processing and garment manufacturing. The entire credit of Kitex Garments ‘ success lies with the visions of its Managing Director who has dynamically and professionally designed every stage of its growth. Sabu says his company’s success can be attributed to his employees also .Around 9000 employees work here in his factory with all ultra modern state- of – the art technologies. The factory is centrally air conditioned and stands for the welfare of the employees. Probably one cannot find such a healthy and employee friendly environment anywhere else where all the employees’ problems are taken care of including free meals and accommodation for all of them.

Today the company has emerged as one of the best in the world and makes an annual turnover of Rs. 500 crores from its textile division alone. Kitex, the short form of Kizhakambalam Textiles, is one of the fastest growing kids apparel manufacturers, recording a blistering growth rate of over 25 per cent year-on-year..The garmenting major has all its textile units at Kizhakambalam, clearly recognized as the best in India for infant garments, has massive fabric manufacturing facilities.

The company’s ultra-modern garmenting unit is equipped with all the latest machines and infrastructure and is  concentrating predominantly on the export market. According to Sabu, with more innovations and latest technologies in hand, Kitex aims to be the no.1 in the sector by the year 2020 .Due to its high quality products and technology savvy production units ,the company has been selected among the best 200 companies by  the Forbes. Kitex Garments also plans to launch a new brand in the very soon and is all set to tap the U.S market .Kitex is the first company to adhere to  100% social compliance and the brand has an upper hold among all its competitors .Quality is the key word at Kitex and the company strictly adhere to the international quality norms and standards and no doubt the products of Kitex enjoy an edge over  its competitors in the international market. . Kitex is defined by its brands that personify style, attitude, luxury and comfort.

md_2Now the Kitex Group is diversified into many sectors of business .They started as an aluminium products manufacturer way back in 1968.and  later diversified into  other sectors gradually, extending its business into manufacturing of food, spices, textiles, etc. They are also into the manufacturing of school bags named scoobee Day to cater to the needs of the school going children. No stone is unturned for Sabu.M.Jacob as he is a person of vision,mission and determination. He understands well his role as the Managing director of a No.1 company and he takes up the responsibility of his thousands of employees’ safety, health and well being,  And he is always there for them in any crisis and provides the best facilities to them. He is all set to scale new heights and believes that he has promises to keep and miles to go.


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