Tony Jose: Hallmarking the success formula


For centuries, the ability to take the most complicated and make it simple has been the hallmark of great entrepreneurs. And that’s what Tony Jose, the CEO and Managing Director of Josco Group has done .He has coined his success formula with his novel , unique and innovative ideas combined with dedication and perseverance. He always believes in moving one step ahead to meet the demands of the customers and this young entrepreneur has always proved himself right. In an exclusive interview with Reeny Joseph he unfolds the secrets of  his success in  business and life.

You are at the helm of a business empire at a very young age. How was your start into this business?

Josco Jewellers was founded almost five decades ago, under the profound leadership of my father Mr. P. A. Jose, the pioneer in the Indian Jewellery Industry. I grew up watching my father succeed in establishing himself as a reputed entrepreneur. When the business was handed over to me, I determined to strive for perfection and excellence, which I could achieve with my perseverance and dedication. The international educational experience and exposure definitely helped to build up my attitudes, skills, behavior and values. The important lesson I learned when I stepped in to the business is that if you want to succeed in your ventures, keep yourself open to innovative thinking and creative ideas and maintain good human relations, because no business is possible without people’s support and cooperation.

Since you are into a business where you have lot of competitors, did you find it tough in your initial stage or did you have any specific strategies to cope up with the demands of your customers?

Challenges are always part of the game especially in an industry like ours. Even though competition acts as a big challenge, I have never found it as unmanageable or tough. Rather I take it as a source of strength and determination to move on. Josco Jewellers has been widely accepted as the trendsetter for the way it brings about novelty and variety in all its products. I think this  always makes Josco stay the first in Customers’ choice. Jewellery trends change in accordance with change in life style and fashion on a regular basis. Josco Jewellers always moves much ahead of time.

How far you could expand your business after you got involved?

Josco today stands as the No. 1 Jewellery group in India with 19 World class showrooms spread across the country. The group has more than 3500 employees and has a striking turnover of Rs. 5000 Crores. We have also diversified into industries like advertising, e-commerce, entertainment, coffee shop chain etc.

 Josco  initiated exclusive designer jewellery in Kerala market when traditional jewellery was the trend and need of the customers. I think that was a revolutionary change in the beginning of 2000 which attracted customers to your showroom. What was the inspiration to try this concept?

tony Josco 2As a world-class jewellery group, we always try to come up with unique ideas and innovations that become the trendsetter. We introduced international designer jewellery with a view to reflect the choice and desires of jewellery lovers. The excellence of our master craftsmen and the variety and beauty of the collections soon made our exclusive designer jewellery the most sought after one.

 What made you to diversify your business into other areas like Tonico coffee shop. Briefly give a description about your new initiative?

As a business man I have always been enamored by the idea of introducing unique concepts. I also make sure that the concept is well accepted and appreciated. Tonico Café is a result of such forethought. Tonico Café has become the new sensation among the coffee lovers. Inspired by the splendid customer support it receives from Kochi and Kottayam, Tonico Café’s presence can soon be felt in major cities like Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur, Bengaluru, Dubai etc.

 Explain about your future plans and projections?

Apart from expanding and diversifying the present brands, IPO and e- Commerce are two areas, which I may get into in the near future.

 Already Josco Jewellers have shown their presence in most of South India and now there are around 19 showrooms which is quiet huge in number. Do you plan for any other immediate expansion?

As the most consumer-friendly and enduring jewellery brand in the country, we are trying to provide fast and comfortable service to our customers. This includes our expansion plans towards both new and existing markets. We have plans to develop and diversify our existing jewellery lines and to introduce various brands, sub-brands and product offerings to cater our customers across various price segments in the market. As a part of our expansion plan, we are immediately opening more stores across the country

You are the CEO and MD of Josco group. According to you what factor made Josco brand to reach at the heights?

If Josco has grown into excellent standards, it’s just because we could make people realize the perfection we guarantee. It’s not only apparent in our products and services, but it can be seen in all our ventures. Each product from Josco is so unique and superior that they always speak for the brand. We cater to the various needs of our customers in all aspects like quality, design, price, selection etc. that make them think only of Josco when they want to experience the best.

As a young business man what are your other areas of interest apart from your business?

I always love exploring new places, hill stations, long drive, experiencing different lifestyles across the world.

Your family and your vision about life?

I’m enjoying a good family life with my wife and 2 kids.  I believe that if you want to succeed in your life, keep yourself open to innovative thinking and creative ideas and maintain good human relations, because no success is possible without people’s support and cooperation.


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