Madhav Sunil ,The Twinkling Star


121480 (2) Madhav is all smiles and confidence when it comes to talk to even strangers. He is the most cheerful boy around. Born in an artistically reputed family , it was all smooth for this extremely talented Child. His gestures and manners are amazingly good and he is all set to conquer new heights. Madhav Sunil is a class 2 student of Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Vaduthala. His artistic talents were shown at the age of 1 and he acted in an album named Ambilikannan in which everyone appreciated him as a cute boy with good facial expression. Soon he started accom121480 (1)panying his artistic parents to the stage and acted in many roles which has won the appreciation of everyone. Madhav acted  as Krishna in Bhakthameera and also his role in the dance drama Desavatharam as Prahlatha was a mind blowing one. His role as Prahlatha emphasized his in born talent and was really amazing. Apart from his dance performances  he is learning vocal music from his musician mother Resmi Narayanan, he is also learning Mridangam under Prof. Thilakaraj of RLV music college. Madhav has done his debut in Bharatanatyam and is all set to rock the stages in the coming days.


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