Stan Lee of Marvel Comics Passed Away

Stan Lee of Marvel Comics Passed Away
Stan Lee of Marvel Comics

The creator of Spider Man Stan Lee is no more. The American writer and former president of Marvel Comics Stan Lee who created The Fantastic Four for Marvel Comics is famous for his creations of Spider –Man and The Incredible Hulk.

He is also known as Father of Pop Culture. Stan Lee was famous for his gentlemanly and decent behavior. He enjoyed a huge fan circle. Even though he left the Marvel company in 1972, Lee continued to remain as the Chairman Emeritus.

Lee was born in 1922 to working-class Jewish immigrants from Romania. He began working at the comics section of Timely Publications and became comics editor at the age of 18.

But for years Lee wrote only simple comics focusing on crime stories, horrors and westerns aimed at young readers. At age 40, Lee decided to give up on comics. But his wife Joan urged him to create the characters he always wanted to write as his comic swansong. Timely Publications was renamed Marvel and the golden age of comic books had begun. His name became immemorial through his characters especially Spider Man and he will be remembered forever.


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