Suhas Shivanna- Sky is the Limit


sub collector SuhasSub collector Suhas Shivanna IAS  has become a very popular name amongst Kochites . He is one of the youngest persons to be selected to the Indian Administrative service and  amidst his busy schedule associated with his responsibility as a returning officer for the local body elections, he spoke to Friday Mania and we got an insight into his  dynamic and unique style of functioning as Fort Kochi Sub- Collector. He Started his career as the Asst.Collector of Ernakulam  and got his first posting as Sub Collector of Fort Kochi which comprises of  Alwaye ,Ernakulam, Paravur and Kanayannur.

For Suhas Shivanna, no boundary is the limit for his actions. He has already taken lot of initiatives to make a change in the entire system because he believes that action can bring change. His first decision to renovate the RDO office at Fort Kochi was a welcome move from his side and now his office stands aloof with might and power on the banks of the Fort Kochi beach. When you enter his office you can feel that the functioning is smooth and trouble free and a  lot of visitors wait in queue to meet the sub collector seeking solutions for their grievances. His efforts to introduce a good mechanism to curb illegal land reclamation and land mafia is highly appreciated by the public and the media alike. Now if you see the premises of Fort Kochi RDO office ,it looks all spic and span and he even plans to do organic farming there. Suhas is a person who  thinks that initiatives can always help for an efficient administration. He believes that an administrator should be aware of the grievances of the public. Regarding the cleaning up and preservation of Fort Kochi beach ,the sub collector has definite plans and he says a permanent mechanism is required for this. He is planning to implement this very soon .Also he has plans in the anvil to select some schools from Mattanchery and Fort Kochi for the Football training. Sub Collector never sits back and relaxes .He is always into action. He plans for a pattayam  Mela very soon with the consent of the Revenue Minister.

Suhas Shivanna is married to Dr.Vaishnavi and his father is in the Indian Forest Service. His father –in-law is also an IAS officer and he admires the scenic beauty of God’s own country. Kochi’s sea food is another fascination for him and he enjoys every minute of his stay here.  He loves to explore different places in Kerala .


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