Thomas’ technique in Thyroid surgery


Dr. Thomas Varughese
Head of Department of Surgical Oncology and Reconstructive Surgery
Renai Medicity Hospital
The scarless surgery based on 3 D digital interactive anatomy, which is my innovation to offer beauty, cosmesis, quality of life, for the commonest tumor occuring in women,( now getting commoner in men too) and young girls. Who will like a scar in the neck, that too the most exposed part of the front of neck? If the surgical technique can be more scientific than the existing one in preventing voice loss and calcium deficiency also? That’s the essence of my technique .Discharging even the most complicated cases within 24 hrs from hospital and patients can resume jobs and all routine chores in 48 hours .
In Thomas’ technique of thyroid surgery there is no need to do an open surgery when patients wait with fear of losing voice for years and the tumor goes to chest and reach the heart .The additional surgery ,and the money spent for that as well as the trauma of another surgery can be avoided. Both lobes of thyroid saving all the vital structures can be accomplished via a small incision on the side of the neck which disappears in three months . With this novel technique in Thyroid surgery beauty can be retained and the surgery is also tension free and scarless and I have completed almost 1500 surgeries with this technique.
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