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Character defines the inner beauty of a person and skin represents the external. In order to maintain the health and beauty of our skin, it needs regular attention and care. We can also enhance our skin beauty with the help of cosmetic dermatologists, advanced beauty treatments and the support of modern equipment including lasers.

Beauty concerns related to skin

We all would like to have a clear and glowing face. But it’s quite natural for everyone to face the problems related to the skin as the age moves or due to some hormonal, atmospheric changes. Pimples, discoloration, scars, and spots are the common problems which occur in the face. Women are prone to the victim of early aging due to the modern lifestyle and improper skin care. To regain your beauty back to normal with the effectiveness of more charm is really significant.

Advanced skin care Solutions at Almeka Medical Centre

Today all we have the support of fine medicines and technologies to get rid of skin related concerns. Almeka Medical Centre offers the best solutions for your skin beauty problems. We could regain our beauty with the help of advanced skin care techniques.

acne-scarPimple scars– Pimple scars are considered as a common skin problem which can be treated with medication, different types of chemical peels or subcision. Severe scars can be treated with Er: YAG or e-Two lasers. Speedy and visible results can be expected from laser treatments.

Skin tone correction and color improvement– To improve the tone and increase the fairness can be attained through laser peel, chemical peel, oxy peel or a combination of all.

hair_removal-smallUnwanted hair removal– Unwanted hair can be an inconvenience for many of us; this can be removed with the help of Nd-YAG laser. This machine is considered as most suitable for Indian skin. We can safely remove unwanted hair from any part of our body.

tatoo-removalTattoo Removal– Tattoo marks can be removed from your skin using Q- switched Nd YAG lasers. It will clear the marks and the area will become normal within days.

Skin tightening– Almeka uses Erbium YAG Laser and e-Two machine for skin tightening procedures. It is the best solution for skin sagging.

agingAnti-aging– Insoluble fibrous protein in the extracellular matrix is responsible for firmness of young skin. It gets rapidly reduced by the age of 40 due to UV rays, free radicals, chlorinated water, smoking, and pollution. Almeka provides best solution for this. Botox and fillers are also effectively used to regain the youthfulness of the skin.

hair growth treatmentHair fall– We have a combination of medication to control the hair fall. We also use PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy for hair restoration. The growth factors in your blood cells do their job and hair growth is naturally stimulated when your own PRP is injected into your scalp.

Why choose Almeka?
Well qualified and trained cosmetic dermatologists, state of the art equipment, a team of well-trained nurses and technicians are the strong backbone of this institution. We are committed to giving world-class skin care solutions at affordable rates.

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