Tips for a Safe Return to Your Home


The greatest trauma you have to face after  you return from the relief camps  will be the sight of your dream home in a big mess. But as long as you are not physically affected this can be taken care of in the due course of time. Even if your home is totally destructed you don’t have to worry. Government and the insurance companies will be there to help you and assist you to bring back everything to normalcy. The whole world is with you to support you in your time of distress.

A Herculean task before you is to clean up your home which was submerged in water for many days.

Here are some safety tips to follow while cleaning your house.

1.     Go for cleaning only during day time.

2.     Don’t take children and elderly persons along with you as you can anticipate reptiles, cooking gas leakage or electricity short circuit there.

3.     Try to open the windows from outside and wait for sometime and make sure everything is fine and then enter the house.

4.     Don’t try to switch on the electricity or light a candle or match box.

5.     Don’t slip as the house will be flooded with mud and other things.

6.     Try to take a photograph of the condition as this may be useful for insurance claim.

7.     Use proper gloves, mask and boots while inspecting things inside.

8.     Don’t try to take any food which was kept inside the refrigerator.

9.     Incase if you find any human body inform the police immediately.

10.  Use proper quantity of bleaching powder for cleaning.

11.  Keeps the windows and doors open for sunlight to enter.

Be safe and stay positive. 


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