Unique Representation of Goddess Durga in Bengal


This year’s Dussehra welcomes a unique representation of Goddess Durga.

In a theme based pandal, goddess Durga has been depicted as paying tribute to a woman health worker with a crown in her hand, instead of her customary trident.

“Our theme this year is COVID-2020. The health care workers across the country are working for us and our pandal’s theme is basically to pay tribute to them. Goddess Durga is seen crowning the health care worker.

Another message via this theme is to make people aware to follow COVID-19 safety measures and protect themselves,” said Shoumodip Shonai, member of the pandal’s club.

The pandal is a poignant representation of how our health care workers across the country have put the lives of others first by working tirelessly to serve the people of the nation amid the pandemic.

Many pandals are themed in the similar line to honour the health workers of our country. Pandemic has made many festivals deviate from its traditional celebrations.

The real pomp and show is also missing this year keeping the current scenario in mind. Social media platforms are flooded with various representations of Goddess Durga.


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