Indian Jeweller Sets Guinness World Record with his Diamond Ring

Indian Jeweller Sets Guinness World Record with his Diamond Ring
Guinness World Record Diamond Ring

Indian jeweler Kotti Srikanth has set the Guinness world record for the most number of diamonds set in one ring, “setting a staggering 7,801 gems into a flower-shaped ring”. The design process for the ring started in September of 2018. He is the founder of Hallmark Jewellers and he is a master in the field of jewels and diamonds.

This inspired him to break the record for the most diamonds set in one ring, setting a staggering 7,801 gems into a flower-shaped ring. A flower was chosen as its design inspiration due to Indian cultural traditions. 

“In India, we have a tradition of respecting our Gods with garlands of flowers and individual flowers are used as an offering. The flowers signify the essence of purity,” Kotti explained. “We worked with many flower-based designs. Of these, the  Camellia design…had the most visual appeal,” Kotti said.

Once the design was finalised, the Hallmark Jewellers team then used computer-aided design to figure out how many diamonds they would need to create the ring they had designed. Jewelry is my passion. I simply love creating new concepts and converting them into wearable jewelry.” “[being a] Guinness World Records title holder is a lifetime achievement in itself.”


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