WWF launches ‘WWF Selfies’ to raise greater awareness on global conservation

Leading global conservation organisation, WWF launches JET8-built decentralised social media app to raise greater awareness for global conservation

If you are a nature lover and would like to flaunt your love for environment conservation, then the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has news for you. The organization has launched an app called WWF Selfies for its supporters.

The WWF Selfies app allows you to access exclusive WWF stickers and frames. Using the app nature lovers can add WWF-branded stickers and frames to their posts.

The app is powered by the JET8 Foundation. For every like, comment and share within the app users can get JET8’s in-app social currency called JETS. The JETS can be used to make a monetary donation directly to WWF via http://wwf.panda.org/.

Sid Das, WWF International, Director, Digital Engagement, said: “For WWF, decentralized technology presents a new platform to connect, communicate, and advocate for the pressing environmental challenges facing our world today. By engaging a global audience with our very own JET8-powered decentralized engagement network, we can achieve our aims of educating and inspiring people around conservation like never before.”


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