Chicken Cordon Bleu -Magical French recipes from cruise line Chef Dipu


This dish always reminds me about the blue ribbon which was worn by members of Royal families, This dish is a symbol of french luxury.

1 each – skinless chicken breast, butterfly
3 slice – gruyere cheese ( any cheese)
3 slice smoked ham
1 whole eggs scrambled – eggwash
2 tablespoons – bread crumbs
2 teaspoons – flour
Salt and pepper to taste

Flatten chicken breast, season with salt and pepper and fill each breast with one slice ham and cheese fold it over and seal it well
Season with salt and pepper
Dredge in flour and the scrambled eggs and bread in the crumbs
Pan fry it slow to get golden brown and finish in the ovenat 350(°F) or 175 (°C) for 10 minutes
Garnish as per your wish


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