DUBAI RESTAURANT – Ideal for dining out


By. Meenakshi
Dubai Restaurant located at Parutheli Palam near Edappally Toll is an ideal eatery if you are a connoisseur of Arabian, South Indian or Chinese food. I went there along with my daughter to taste something which is unique there. The ambience is quite good with a special touch of Dubai city paintings decorated inside. Even though it’s not spacious it’s not congested. We noticed a rare type of Biriyani (Bamboo chicken Biriyani) in the menu and we enquired the serving person for the details. The explanation was so convincing and we decided to give it a try. My daughter was so thrilled to see the bamboo container filled with hot steaming biriyani and we started enjoying                    Bamboo Biriyani
it. I could see the inquisitive eyes of my daughter and I knew she was exploring the uniqueness of bamboo biriyani . To be honest our taste buds were pampered with the taste and flavor of the biriyani. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the rice was intact. And the spices were added in a decent proportion which was a blessing for us. This was one of the best tastes we ever had in Kochi. And we rate this Bamboo Biriyani as 5 out of 5. And We recommend to try this as this is really worth trying. Totally a different experience of dining out.



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