Google News Give Access to Articles from Multiple Languages


Google has built a new feature in Google News that will provide access to news articles from multiple languages and countries from around the world, all within one app. With this update, users will able to include content in two languages together within their news app, and benefit from the headlines and stories in each language to learn more about a culture or to catch up on what’s going on elsewhere. For example, this means users can now access the news in English and Hindi at the same time, and enjoy articles from local news outlets in both languages alongside one another. Also, users will be able to connect with their favorite publishers and topics from anywhere around the world.
According to research, today over 60% of people around the world speak and consume news across two or more languages. Finding articles in these languages can be challenging, since it requires searching for topics across various apps and websites. This new feature will solve this problem.
This expanded capability is now available for the Google News app on Android and iOS, across 141 countries and 41 language options. To activate this feature, navigate to language settings in your Google News app.


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