Chicken Dim Sum steamed


Amit Rai, the Delhi based  Executive Chef at Asian Kitchen ,Tokyo Bay is a person who loves to cook out of the menu. He is a specialist in Pan Asian Cuisine which includes Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Singaporean, Chinese, Vietnamese  and Japanese. The Chef shares a  rare recipe of a Chinese dish Dim Sum with Friday Mania.


Potato starch-100 gms

Wheat starch – 100 gms

Minced chicken – 100 gms

Chopped onions- 10 gms

Garlic- 10 gms

White pepper – 1 pinch

Sugar 1 tspn

Salt – to taste


Mix all the ingredients together. Keep it aside for half an hour. Then mix  the dough with hot water . Make small pieces of  10 gms of dough. Roll out in a round shape and then stuff the ingredients . Steam it for 6 minutes. Serve hot with light soya sauce.


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