Asian Chicken Salad


By Amit Rai

1, chicken breast – 150, gm

2, iceberg lettuce -100, gm

3, red bell pepper- 100, gm

4, yellow bell pepper -100, gm

5, green capsicum – 100, gm

6, carrot -50, gm

7, red radish-50, gm


1, Mayonnaise- 2, table spoon

2, crushed black pepper- 1, tea spoon

3, fresh red chilli chopped -2, no

4, light soya sauce- 1, tea spoon

5, breakfast sugar-2, tea spoon

6, lemon juice -30, ml

7, Salt to taste

(Put all the ingredients of dressing together in a bowl and mix it well and then keep it aside)


1, cut the chicken breast into thin shredded and boils it until cooked, than transfer in a bowl

2 cut the iceberg lettuce into thin julienne and mix with chicken

3, then cut all the rest vegetables except banana leaf into thin julienne and put it in ice water

4, cut the banana leaf in round shape and place it in a plate

5, take a bowl and mix the chicken and iceberg lettuce with dressing and place it on plate

6, then put the julienne vegetable on top as garnish

 Now the salad is ready to Serve


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