Loyola School launches externship for students to get exposure to professions


Thiruvananthapuram, Mar. 30: In a novel initiative, Loyola School Trivandrum has launched an externship programme with the support of its alumni association. The programme is designed to provide students in Classes 10-11 exposure to “real-world” work environments by shadowing professionals while they are performing their job. 

From the students’ standpoint, the externship provides an opportunity to explore different career streams and experience a typical week on their dream job. It will also provide them opportunities to make career connections and network. The experience gained will help the students to choose their future careers. 

Starting from April 3, based on the preference of each student, Loyola students will participate in externship programme hosted by institutions from various career streams such as medicine, engineering, IT, artificial intelligence, communication/media, manufacturing, exports, agriculture, law and start-up ventures etc. 

This programme was designed and developed by the Loyola Old Boys Association (LOBA). “This would help the students to get a fair idea of various professions and help them to choose their own career. Moreover, the professionals in the participating organisations can become mentors for these students,” said Mr Renjith Raveendran, President, LOBA. “The alumni association is excited to support the programme as, for each one of us, it is like giving back a little of what we have received from our alma mater,” he added. 

Fr. P.T. Joseph SJ, Principal of Loyola School, expressed his gratitude to all the organisations that accepted his invitation to host the Loyola externship programme. The organizations include AVT McCormick, Grun Agro Ventures, MD Niche Media Consultants, Anil & Gopal Chartered Accountants, Kennedys IQ, Nambiar Associates Law Firm, Travancore Analytics, TerriLic Minds, InApp, Gitanjali Hospital etc. 

“We are delighted to support the Loyola externship programme and provide students with valuable hands-on experience, exposure, and mentorship opportunities to gain early insights into the corporate world. Our aim is to inspire and cultivate the next generation of leaders and innovators,” said Mr. P Vijaykumar, CEO of InApp at Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram. 


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