PlayStation VR, “Live the Game.”is Live Now on Sony Entertainment


Intended to dramatize the out of this world experience PlayStation VR offers, this new global campaign features gamers being returned from the game world to the real world. A young man is dropped back to suburbia by some tough-looking London gangsters, a woman bails out of a burning plane and lands in her native Tokyo, a Midwest motel resident witnesses a gamer returning from an adventure in outer space, and a woman filling up her car at a petrol station is surprised when a gamer is “dropped off” by a fire-breathing dragon, only to dust himself off and enthusiastically head straight back into the game from which he came for another round.

“Live the Game” continues to spotlight PlayStation’s tradition of breaking players out of their day-to-day, inviting them into fantastic worlds giving them the power to be extraordinary. It’s available on Sony Interactive Entertainment .


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