Straight from mother’s kitchen


By. KR Rejeesh

Away from home, most of us miss the real taste of homely food. Like many, when eating from outside became a ‘perfunctory task’, Radhika Arora set up her own thattukada (food cart). As the name suggests, #Maa ka pyaar, located in Mohali phase 8 Industrial area in Punjab, is now a favourite eatery of many people who long for tasty and hygienic food.

Hailing from Ambala in Haryana, Radhika completed her MBA from Mohali. During her 3-year stint as an HR professional, she found it difficult to manage with the food getting from eateries, especially from roadside shops.

Radika Arora01“I last worked for Reliance Jio. While studying and working, I had never got good food. Two years ago I thought what the stall people are selling is not at all good. But still people are having it since they don’t have any other option,” she says. “While I was working in Shimla, I again faced the same problem. Then I left the job and thought of setting up #Maa ka pyaar.”

But she was not at all confident of how she could do it. “Normally, youth prefer getting into tech e-commerce startups. I have worked in two of them. If an IITian can start a tech firm, why can’t a management student start something like this,” asks Radhika, who faced a lot of challenges. In her words, she is still facing problems as a woman, but she can rightly solve them and move forward.

#Maa ka pyaar has a four-member team and they plan to open another thattukada soon.

Commenting on the specialty of the stall, Radhika explains: “My main focus is on quality, homely food and hygiene. Taste is the same as we have at home.”

According to her, all mothers are her role models in this business. Radhika belongs to a business family.
“My father and brother are into a business of gas agency. My mother is a house wife and my sister-in- law is a teacher,” she signs off.Radhika-6


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