Delight in exquisite ‘Shappu Food’ at Padippura


DSC_0038By Sreejith NK It was the quest for finding food rooted in Kerala’s ethnic cuisine that prompted me and my friends in the Friday Mania team to visit Padippura. Situated in Patham Mile in Udayamperoor near Thripunithura, Padippura can offer the urban foodies with the rural charm of its surroundings.
If someone asks where how to get the best Fish Curry in Kerala we would lead them to any good toddy shops around. ‘Shappu Curry’ has always had a special place in every Malayali’s heart.
The food served in the toddy shops have become so iconic that  people started to visit these place only for the spicy food. And for them toddy became second option sometimes.Most of the toddy shops are often frequented by men who want to get the kick out of the toddy. But there are some popular toddy shops which is perfect for families. Padippura in Udayamperoor, Thrippunithura is such a toddy shop that can be recommended for families.

As we entered the place on last Sunday we could see many huts. Foodies and toddy lovers can sit inside the huts which are spacious and very clean. Manager Babu welcomed us and led us to one of the huts. Although it was a busy day and rush hour, he showed no hesitation to introduce us the special dishes served in Padippura. Cleanliness and hospitality of the staff are what we found impressive about Padippura apart from the tasty food.
The hut we chose to sit in was very spacious as it easily contained two roundtables and chairs in which members of at least two different families can sit peacefully and dine. We were four in number and there was another family of over five members in the next table.
Padippura’s menu contains some mouth-watering dishes like the Meen Thala(fish’s head) curry which comes in both big and medium sizes depending how big the fish is. Then there is the duck roast which is one of the most special dishes being served here.
Then came Prawn roast, Kozhuva fry, Kozhuva peera vechathu(Anchovies simmered with coconut), Karimeen Pollichathu to our table. We also ordered Appam and Kappa. All the dishes were served with a hearty smile from the staff.


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