Specialty Restaurant Dine with history


Ginger House 1The Ginger House Restaurant is India’s first and only museum restaurant which offers you a meal in the setting of history. The restaurant is an architectural marvel, completely made up of antique furniture – including the tables, chairs, counters, pillars, door frames, etc. The  restaurant gives great views of olden treasures housed in the Heritage Arts museum showroom and offers the chance for customers to explore Indian heritage along with their meal. The  specialties range from a wide range of ginger products to authentic Kerala cuisine! Great food, great ambiance and a wonderful feeling of being a part of a rich legacy . The Ginger House Restaurant is an extension of the Heritage Arts antique showroom, located in Jew Town, Mattancheri in Kochi. The restaurant is owned by Mr. N.B. Majnu and his family..

The Ginger House Restaurant is a unique restaurant, built in the lap of history. It is an antique restaurant, designed tastefully with furniture belonging to the old ages. The customers experience a wonderful feel of being surrounded by temple Gods, bronze bulls and other pieces of Indian history, lending an other-worldly charm to their dining experience. The restaurant stands out on account of the way in which it is designed, giving the customers great views of the Kochi backwaters and the antique marvels of the Heritage Art showroom. Every bit of the restaurant is built with antique material, including the chairs, the royal counters, dining areas, decorated ceiling, etc. The wood going into making these are sourced from old Tharavadus and Kerala houses. All the furniture is designed in the production house of Heritage Arts. The best part of this is that all of the antique furniture in the restaurant and the museum showroom are for sale.

The Vembanad open restaurant is a promise of some great eating experience. Here the cuisine is meant to seduce your palette and heart. You can watch the food being prepared in the open kitchen at the restaurant .The chefs are always ready to show demonstrations  on your request. This restaurant was initially a ginger go down and later converted to this fine eating place. The base ingredient in all the dishes is ginger and you can enjoy a slight sweetness in every dish. This is a must visit place for you and your family to  dine with a difference.


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