#Me Too is the Last Option


#Me Too campaign is gaining momentum in India with more and more revelations being made to the public. For more than a decade the country is talking about the safety of women at work places but then the sad part is that women have to depend on campaigns like# Me Too to protect themselves from the work place atrocities. Actually why women are not safe in India.? Men are brought up in an atmosphere of male chauvinism which they get transferred from their parents and passed on to their sons. Girls are asked to dress up modestly, talk in a low voice and treat men as superiors. This attitude is reflected in every action they do at work place also. Even though women are capable of handling a situation men take over the scene to show off their power . There has been a drastic change in every arena regarding men’s attitude towards women recently and more and more women are openly coming out without fear. At least this will cause some fear among men and will think twice before they do some mischief with their colleagues . But my biggest doubt is should we depend on these campaigns to protest against a person who has misbehaved with you. My opinion is there is no need for a female to wait and suffer in private with frustration and depression. Learn to react at the spot. Throw away the fear . Learn at least basic self defense and remember any unwanted touch or vulgar comment is an offense. Teach our children to say a firm ‘No’ whenever needed. If the girls are brought up without fear and the boys are taught to respect girls no atrocities will happen against girls. Family can play a major role towards this. Hopefully the next generation will learn to react spontaneously and let’s all work towards making this world a better place to live.


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